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Silk vs. Satin - what's the difference?

It's easy to be confused by the difference between silk and satin, because so many people try to pass off satin as if it is silk. Or describe satin as "silky" in feel - even if that isn't technically what it is made from. And to the untrained eye, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference.

But there are a few key things it's worth knowing about silk and satin, which will help you to understand why one of them is considered to be the far superior fabric

So, without further ado , silk vs satin.....FIGHT! 

  • Satin is a type of weaving technique, not a fibre at all. You can create a satin (silky-looking) fabric from polyester or nylon (what most people think of as "satin"), which are chemical based man-made fibres or from silk.
  • Silk is a natural fibre, made from the cocoons of thousands of silkworms - which are more difficult to process and of course not as readily available (hence why it costs more).
  • More difficult to wash (surprisingly), as it can stretch or shrink easily when in contact with hot water. The fabric usually has to be dry cleaned.
  • Silk is easier to wash, as it  has a better resistance against hot water because its fibre strength is higher. Though please - for best results, don't go off and start boiling your silk made products. Cool temperatures are better all round.

For tips on how to care for your silk accessories, check out our FAQs.

  • Satin has a glossy appearance on the front side of the material - however the manufacturing process leaves it with a dull flat back.
  • Real silk shimmers when  seen in the right light and the material is the same on both sides.
  • The difference between silk and satin is easy to notice when you manipulate the fabrics. If you hold satin and try to pull it, you’ll notice that it will move quite easily.

  • Silk is made from a natural protein, which is strong and durable. 


And the winner is...? Well, why don't you tell us what you think in the comments below?

*Clue: It's the ONLY material that we use to create our Flawless Curl Kits - both the curler and the scrunchies too!

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